Tourism trends

We take care of the properties and make them as profitable as possible

Before and after FidalsaRent’s work

The staging of a holiday home is essential to make it attractive to the largest number of potential customers. We have to think about the client and what they expect to find: comfortable, clean, and welcoming spaces.

Clients who rent a tourist accommodation look for spaces where they can reflect and visualize what their vacation would be like.

Rental property management service in Alicante, Spain

In the following video, we show one of our jobs on a property in Alicante, Spain. In which you can see how it was before and how it is after passing our team. Basically, what we have done has been: 

  • Clean spaces. 
  • Whiten the spaces to make them look brighter. Following current trends in accommodations. 
  • Depersonalize spaces. Take away everything that is necessary for us: the motto “less is more” is fundamental. 
  • Add small accessories that provide warmth. 
  • Working outside, which is more important than ever.