Tourism trends

Fidalsa Rent creates a new category of premium accommodation

Premium accommodations are properties with high level of purchasing power that have many of features that distinguish the property. Among them are the following:

  • Unique design
  • Recreational facilities: swimming pool, tennis court, playground, garden, etc.
  • Spectacular views
  • Private exteriors
  • Privileged location

Luxury homes for holiday rental

They are luxurious homes that have been made into tourist accommodations and feature all of the amenities that one could desire. Customers are frequently unable to leave the property. Travelers will enjoy their stays destination like homes.

Fidalsa Lujosa Villa Salinas, a villa for holiday rental

If the property is categorized at this level, it can be marketed on specialized portals such as Homes & Villas by Marriot. The famous luxury hotel group that also offers its clients, through this platform luxury accommodations.

In general, this type of accommodation is booked by families who come to enjoy their vacation and frequently require concierge services or travel designers. It’s about organizing experiences and providing services tailored to guests, which is something FidalsaRent does for our premium accommodation clients. Coordination of tailored local experiences and activities, as well as the organization of a wide range of services, such as hiring a babysitter, private chefs, therapists, masseurs, and personalized training sessions in a private gym.

They are properties that necessitate far more maintenance than any other type of property. Aside from cleaning, laundry, and repair services. Homes that are much older also require professional services to care for the outdoors: garden, pool, furniture, etc.

FidalsaRent has been managing this type of accommodation in the Alicante area for years, until we have naturally become experts in it. We know what you need, who your potential customers are, and who the best providers are to take care of you.