Do you know Getxo?

Getxo is a coastal town 15 minutes away from the city, Bilbao. A charming place, full of landscapes, beaches, cliffs, dream houses, and peaceful places. A fantastic place for your vacation, conveniently close to everything. It’s connected by train to the city, Bilbao. It allows you to combine the city, coast, and nature in your experience.

Come, get to know Getxo, and stay in one of our vacation rental villas.

4 Essentials of Getxo:

The Suspension Bridge: It’s one of the symbols of Getxo, over 100 years old. It connects the area of Arenas with Portugal. Construction has declared it as a World Heritage Site since 2008.

A Walk Through Its Large Villas: One of the most beautiful urban paths of the Basque coast. A trip along the edge of the sea along the dock of Arenas in which we find palaces and mansions. All a symbol of the Getxo bourgeois.

Old Port of Algorta: The old fishing port has its origins in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A place where you can enjoy good shish kabobs in one of the most charming areas. Formed by a set of sloping and narrow streets with typical fishing houses of the area that take you to another era.

Galea Point: An 8 km route of impressive cliffs that offer you the best views of the Bay of Biscay. On its way, we find various points of interest such as Fort Galea, the Lighthouse, or some of its beaches.

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