Alicante, much more than just the sun and beach

Alicante is overall known for the sun and its beaches, but the truth is that it has so much more. Today we want you to discover a marvelous place to go on a tour: La Laguna Rosada (the Pink Lagune). It’s a vibrant pink lagune of 1,400 acres that forms part of the Natural Park of the Lagunes of the Mata and Torrevieja.

This is a tour we recommend to all our guests, especially those who rent our vacation villas or apartments in Alicante for a long stay, between 15 days and several months. We have accommodations like Fidalsa Blue Heaven which is found only a half-hour away from the lagune.

Why does it have that color? It’s a natural phenomenon that is produced in the salt flats, mainly due to a bacterium that releases a pinkish pigment in the waters with a high concentration of salt. This Lagune has a high concentration of salt which makes it have such an intense color. It is a magical place which can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by someone, and you can have some marvelous photos. The Instagramers go crazy visiting this location. It’s always surprising among other things because of how unfamiliar it is for almost all travelers.