Buy your new house on the Costa Blanca with Fidalsa New Build Homes and get the highest profitability with Fidalsa Rent

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At Fidalsa New Build Homes, we are specialists in new build properties on the Costa Blanca. We have been in the sector for more than 30 years, helping our clients to find the house that perfectly suits their needs: a house that they fall in love with and that is a good investment for the future.

Our clients usually look for a second home property where they can create unforgettable moments with family and friends, although these moments are limited in the year. This is why we offer advice on the profitability of the chosen properties, an indispensable factor to be able to make the best purchase decision. For this, it is essential to know which properties are likely to be tourist accommodation.

Once the purchase is made, if they decide to monetize it professionally when they do not enjoy it, we put at your disposal the services of Fidalsa Rent, specialist in holiday rental. It offers owners comprehensive management, designed for owners who do not reside in the locality, with online access that allows them to have total control over it.

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Benefits of holiday rental

  • Optimal maintenance of your home. A house that is not used ends up deteriorating, maintaining a minimum occupancy is very beneficial for the property.
  • It allows you to have extra income, making it profitable when you cannot enjoy it. The property turns from being an expense to being a revenue generator.
  • The house is always in a perfect condition, there are no last-minute surprises, there is a team behind taking care of the house.
  • You can combine the enjoyment of your property with the generation of extra income.
  • More sustainable housing, they cease being properties that are only used one month a year.